What do the revolutionaries in Tahrir on Nov 25 want ?

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The question that has lingered over the last few days since the renewed violence erupted in Egypt is what do the protestors in Tahir square truly want ?

A Facebook page of Daliaa Mosaa'd has published a list of VERY specific demands for the protestors gathered in Tahrir today. The demands are listed in Arabic, but are translated here into English so the rest of the world can know.

So as not to waste our efforts and the blood of our martyrs that has not yet dried

To properly respond to the letters of the (Military) Council .. A Spokesman for the revolution must be identified. This speaker must be agreeable to everyone without a doubt. This speaker is not the leader of a revolution, but represents the spirit of the revolution. We cannot find better than Ahmed Hararah who lost both his eyes Monday for the sake of our revolution.

Printed statements have only a limited span within the square. We need this statement to broadcast over all channels and radio stations over the world As the official statement of the Egyptian revolution.

Anyone with a camera and tripod please record the statement. The announcer must read it with a group of Tahrir revolutionaries in the background. This statement must contain specific names identified for handing over power to. At this point in time, ambiguity will not work nor will a dispute over the named political figures

The Supreme Council of Armed Forces must hand over power to a civilian presidential council and send the army back to its barracks to focus on taking care of and defending the homeland against external enemies

Persons nominated by the Tahrir Protestors are:

1 - Issam Abu ElFotouh

2 - Mohamed ElBaradei

3 - Bouthayna Kamel

4 - Hisham Albastawessy

5 - Amr Moussa

6 - Hazem Salah Abu Ismail

7 - Hamdeen Sabbahi

All of these persons have supported the revolution since its inception and no one can question their patriotism.

Ideological differences should not affect their loyalty to the country. They are able to save Egypt and put it on the right path.

This is to dispel the saying that the voice of Tahrir is divided, It is NOT
The Voice of Tahrir is loud and clear across all parts of Egypt. This statement must reach all Egyptians.

We Must deny all the lies that are being said about us in the strongest way.

Long live the revolution and the Egyptian revolutionaries