Montazah Palace and Gardens

Montazah is a royal palace built between 1892 and 1926 as a summer retreat by Khedive Abbas II; an ancestor of King Farouk, the last king of Egypt. It was here that the last king of Egypt spent his childhood years. The palace has a picturesque location on a rocky hill, overlooking the Mediterranean and surrounded by a large park that consists of a designed manipulation of bridges, palm trees, pines, and lovely flowers. The park used to have deers and birds and other rare animals at the times of the King but not anymore. Strolling in the park among the beautiful scenery and listening to the sound of the crashing Mediterranean waves is very relaxing and peaceful. Architecturally, the palace is a mix of Turkish and Florentine styles. The central tower of the palace is a replica of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

It is now a presidential residence, and the palace itself is closed to the public but the beautiful gardens are not. A second royal residence known as the Salamlek, built in an Austrian style as a hunting lodge has recently been refurbished and opened as a luxury hotel. The palace is surrounded by exclusive hotels, lovely beaches and luxurious tourist facilities.

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