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About Ismailia

Ismailia (Arabic: الإسماعيلية‎) is the capital of Al Isma'iliyah Governorate. It has a population (including surrounding rural areas) of approximately 750,000. It is located on the west bank of the Suez Canal, approximately half way between Port Said to the north and Suez to the south. The Canal widens at that point to include Timsah, one of the Bitter Lakes linked by the Canal. It is an administration center for the Suez Canal and still has a large number of Colonial housing dating from British and French involvement with the Canal. Most of these buildings are still used by Canal employees and officials.

Ismailia Attractions

Isamailia Stadium

Another ground that saw major changes for the Fifa under-17 World Championship, including the incorporation of an artificial pitch and the introduction of an electronic scoreboard is the 16,500 capacity Estad Ismailia on Reda Street in Ismailia, home to Ismaila.

Ismaily Sports Club

Ismaily (Arabic: النادي الإسماعيلي الرياضي ; transliterated: El Nady ElIsmaily El Reyady) is a Sporting club, established in 1924 as Nahda Sporting Club, based in Ismaïlia, Egypt. The club is best known for its football team. And it is famously known in Africa as the Africa ٍSamba Boys.

Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is a canal in Egypt. Opened in 1869, it allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without navigating around Africa or carrying goods overland between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The northern terminus is Port Said.

Suez Canal University

Is an Egyptian University serving the Suez Canal area, having its faculties divided among the Suez Canal governerates (Port Said, Suez & Ismailia Governorates). It was established in 1975. It is notable for its non-classic research.