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Alexandria (Egyptian Arabic: اسكندريه Eskendereyya; Standard Arabic: الإسكندرية Al-Iskandariyya; Greek: Ἀλεξάνδρεια), with a population of 4.1 million, is the second-largest city in Egypt, and is the country's largest seaport, serving about 80% of Egypt's imports and exports. Alexandria is also an important tourist resort.


Aswan, (in Arabic: أسوان‎ Aswān) is a city in the south of Egypt, the capital of the Aswan Governorate.
It stands on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract and is a busy market and tourist center. Its ancient name, Swenet, translates as "trade". It contains the island of Elephantine.


Cairo (Arabic: القاهرة transliteration: Al-Qāhirah), which means "the Victorious" or "the Triumphant", is the capital and largest city of Egypt. It is the Arab World and Africa's most populous city. While Al-Qahirah is the official name of the city, in Egyptian Arabic it is called by the dialect's name for the country, transliteration: Masr.


Damietta, Damiata, or Domyat (Arabic: دمياط‎) is a port and the capital of the governorate of Domyat, Egypt. It is located at the intersection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile, about 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Cairo. Damietta is widely know as the furniture capital of Egypt.

El Gouna

A self-contained town on the beautiful Red Sea coast, El Gouna offers an unrivaled lifestyle. Built on 10 km of beach, the town of 10,000 residents spreads across islands and lagoons. Boasting a superb infrastructure and excellent services, the destination is a short flight from Europe.


Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century, and until a few years ago, remained a small fishing village. But today, it has gone on to become the foremost tourist resort of the Red Sea coast and an international center for aquatic sports. If it takes place in or on the water you can do it here: windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, but, above all, snorkeling and diving.


Ismailia (Arabic: الإسماعيلية‎) is the capital of Al Isma'iliyah Governorate. It has a population (including surrounding rural areas) of approximately 750,000. It is located on the west bank of the Suez Canal, approximately half way between Port Said to the north and Suez to the south.


Luxor (in Arabic: الأقصر al-Uqṣur) is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. Its population numbers 376,022 (1999 survey), and its area is about 416 square kilometres (161 sq mi).

Port Said

Port Said (Arabic بورسعيد) is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal, with an approximate population of 500,000. The economic base of Port Said is fishing and industries, like chemicals, processed food, and cigarettes.

Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt-Sharm El Sheikh.comSharm el Sheikh (شرم الشيخ, also transliterated as Sharm Al Shaykh), often known simply as "Sharm", is a city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in Janub Sina', Egypt, on the coastal strip between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai.