The End of an Era in Egypt

Today Egypt reached an incredible milestone in its 18 day revolution. Hosni Mubarak stepped down as the president in Egypt. I can't believe I just typed these words, let me check again. Yes, Mubarak is no longer the president of Egypt.

Most Egyptians never thought that this day would come, but it did. Thanks to the lives of 300+ of young Egyptians, the sacrifices of thousands more and the relentless efforts of hundreds of Egyptian “Tweeters” the impossible dream has been realized.

The beauty of this revolution is that it was planned with the end in mind. The demands were simple and clear, restore the rights and dignity to the people. The approach was to express the demands in a peaceful non violent way. In doing that, Egypt has showed the world that human rights and freedom can be achieved without the need to blow yourself, burn yourself or destroy the country you are struggling for.

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