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Sad days ahead for Egypt

Yes I did not go to Tahrir square, I did not get thrown at by rocks from thugs, I did not get shot at with bullets, I did not loose my eye sight or had a permanent or disabling injury after participating in a protest.

What do the revolutionaries in Tahrir on Nov 25 want ?

The question that has lingered over the last few days since the renewed violence erupted in Egypt is what do the protestors in Tahir square truly want ?

The beginning of the end in Egypt

Today may well be the beginning of the end to Egypt's 60 years of military rule. The last remnants of the Mubarak regime, in fact, the Nasser regime are facing their most credible true challenge from a population that has known nothing but their control over the last six decades.

The End of an Era in Egypt

Today Egypt reached an incredible milestone in its 18 day revolution. Hosni Mubarak stepped down as the president in Egypt. I can't believe I just typed these words, let me check again. Yes, Mubarak is no longer the president of Egypt.

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Talaat Harb Pasha

Talaat Harb Pasha is one of the great men in Egyptian history. He dedicated all of his life to set the Egyptian economy on the right track. He founded Bank Misr which was the first truly national bank in Egypt. Through Bank Misr, several successful industrial and commercial projects had been established. As a result of Mr.

Egyptian Film Preservation

Egypt produces the most popular cinema in the Middle East. The Egyptian Filmmakers have produced masterpieces since 1920s. Now all these films are in great danger. Egypt has no film preservation facilities to preserve these great movies. It is estimated that 99% of all silent filmsand 50% of all sound films ever made have been lost forever.

Egypt's Football Team Makes History Again - FIFA style

Egypt Wins Its Seventh CAF Title After Beating Ghana 1-0

Egypt made history today after scoring a seventh CAF championship title when it beat Ghana 1-0. The goal scored by Mohamed Gido put the young Egyptian player in the spotlight.
Congratulations to Egypt for this historic achievement

Egypt is close to making world soccer history in CAF 2010

Congratulations to Egypt for dealing a heavy 4-0 blow to Algeria on Thursday in nothing less than a dramatic game and advancing into Africa Cup of Nations final.

egycinemas.com The Ultimate Movie Guide and Media information in Egypt

New Web Company Announces Innovative Media Website for Movies information in Egypt

December 1, 2009 -- Joe Milad today unveiled egycinemas.com, an innovative portal specially designed by Internet Marketing Professionals, for providing theaters contact information and what's currently showing in Egyptian Cinemas,