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New Web Company Announces Innovative Media Website for Movies information in Egypt

December 1, 2009 -- Joe Milad today unveiled, an innovative portal specially designed by Internet Marketing Professionals, for providing theaters contact information and what's currently showing in Egyptian Cinemas,

Noor: Turkish Soap opera popular in Egypt

What's your secret? Salonaz Sami ponders

Ahram Weekly - Issue No. 910
14 - 20 August 2008

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Riz Khan Interviews

One of my favourite TV programs is "One on One with Riz Khan" that is shown on Aljazeera English TV Channel. Each week, Riz interviews a different figure from all around the world covering a wide range of topics; social, economical, political and even movies.

Here are some of Riz interviews related to Egypt:

Saving Egypt's antiquities - 12 July 07
Egyptologist Zahi Hawass talks about his mission to save his country's artifacts.

One on One - Jihan Sadat - 18 Aug 2007 - Part 1