Borg El Arab Stadium

We leave Madinet El Nasr and continue our Pharaonic ground tour in the Delta to visit a venue that never was but will be. We are in Borg El Arab, a suburb of Alexandria, home to the unfinished and immensely huge 80,000 capacity Borg El Arab stadium, originally constructed for Egypt's bid to host the 2010 FiFa World Cup. Since the bid did not materialize Borg El Arab was destined to become a venue for the African Cup of Nations in 2006.

Although built completely by the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineer Branch work was still under way when he tournament ended as if to underline Egypt’s incompetence for 2010. It’s a shame really because it is a fantastic ground that would have been the perfect setting for any final of the World Cup 2010. As a consolation, the Borg El Arab Stadium is expected to to be an alternative venue for the Egyptian National Football Team and to annually host the final matches of the Egyptian Cup as the Wembley of Africa.