Alexandria Stadium

Claustrophobically set in the Hay Charg district of the city, its turnstiles boasts mahogany and oak wood panel doors with the stands resembling any archetype Greek Olympic Stadium, calling for Chariots of Fire, Ben Hur and classic football drama. Its seating capacity is 19,676, the majority taking up at each home game of Itthad. Walking around Estad Eskanderia one feels one is about to enter an old Greek theatre with the quaintest of stands reminiscing romantic remnants from British horse racing tracks. One actually does.

A 25 kilometer drive by traditional tram from the Alexandria city centre brings us to the 22,000 capacity purpose-built and unimaginative brand new Max Stadium in the buzzing district of the same name. It is home to The Border Guards Military team, locally known as Haras El Haddood, playing at top level in Egypt.

The Alexandria Stadium for once reflected the proverbial local hospitality, symbolized by the magnificent grandeur of the stadium manager’s office shown in the slideshow below.

Peculiarly enough the ground has an athletics track with almost 90 degree corners in order to create a rectangular shape with British flavour. However, although its shape being unique to Egyptian standards, the ground lacks any atmosphere and with roofs void on three parts it isn’t a particularly distinctive ground. Take away the roofs of any Lego ground and you end up in the Max district of Alexandria.