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Egyptian is a website that contains information, news and events related to Egyptian soccer players. The site contains a section dedicated to professional soccer players as well as a Forum section. Other things you will find is a multimedia section with photos and videos related to Egyptian soccer players.

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Yalla Kora

Yalla Kora is a portal full of news and multimedia about Egyptian and world soccer. You will find a section where you can play fantasy games related to soccer.

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Amr Zaki

Amr Zaky (Arabic:عمرو زكى) is a famous international soccer player from Egypt. He started his career at Al-Mansoura, his native town based club before moving to Enppi for the 2003-2004 season. Zaky played in his first league division with Al-Mansoura while he was only 18 years old. Zaky scored his first goal with Al-Mansoura against Dina Farms in Egypt Cup, on 27 January 2002. In 2003, Zaky was part of the Egyptian Youth Team which won the 2003 African Youth Championship.

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Ahmed Hosam (Mido)

Ahmed Hossam Hussein Abdelhamid (Arabic: احمد حسام حسين عبد الحميد‎) (born 23 February 1983), more commonly known as Mido, is an Egyptian footballer who plays for Wigan Athletic as a striker, on loan from Middlesbrough.
Mido started his career with El Zamalek in Egypt in 1999. He left the club for K.A.A. Gent of Belgium in 2000, where he won the Belgian Ebony Shoe. This led to a move to Dutch side Ajax Amsterdam in 2001, where he joined Celta Vigo on loan in 2003. His next destination was Olympique de Marseille in France and left them for Italian side A.S. Roma in 2004. He joined English side Tottenham Hotspur on an 18-month loan in 2005 and eventually joined the club permanently in 2006. He left the club in 2007 to join his current club Middlesbrough, from whom he joined Wigan Athletic on loan.
Mido is an Egyptian national player. He amassed 48 caps and scored 19 goals. However, his career with Egypt has been struck by controversy, having twice been banned by the national set-up.

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Egypt's Team Pulls a Miracle at minute 95

Egypt did it again ! At the 95th minute of the historic game held today in Cairo International Stadium, Emad Moteab used his head to guide the yellow and green soccer ball into Algeria's goal scoring the second goal of the day and lifting up the spirit of 84 million Egyptians. Those crowds who just a few seconds before have lost hope in Egypt's prospects for making it to the FIFA world cup soccer tournament in 2010, were treated to an unimaginable miracle.

The score 2-0 means that Egypt has one more chance to secure a spot in the South Africa mundial. Algeria, who was so close to the finish line will have to regroup and prepare for another 90 minute decisive game on Wednesday. Amr Zaki celebrating after scoring the first goal for EgyptAmr Zaki celebrating after scoringThe game started with a strong performance by the Egyptians, whom in just the second minute of the game, netted a goal with the ball rebounding 3 times before Amr Zaki managed to strike the ball in the net.

The tone of the game after that switched to a relatively uneventful series of passes that approached a level of dullness hard to understand given the need of the Egyptians to score badly.

Things didn't change that much during the second half. The Egyptian team trying to build up an organized offense, were repeatedly halted by the strong defense of the Algerian team. At times, the Algerians managed to challenge the Egyptians but failed to cause any serious threat. With time passing quickly, it seemed that Algeria was on a definite path to end the game victorious despite being under 0-1. During the last 10 minutes of the game, the pressure from Egypt was on the rise, but with limited effect. Everyone watching the game started to cope with reality of the situation. The Egyptian fans who could do nothing but pray were given one last glimmer of hope when 6 minutes for extra time were announced by the referees.

At minute 95, after one rebound, Emad Moteab headed the ball into Algeria's net flipping everything upside down. The energy that was sucked out of the Egyptian fans was instantly restored while Algerian fans whom were preparing for the party of their life, were left in shock.

With this result, both teams are in a deadlock tie. A tie breaker game is scheduled for Wednesday in Sudan. The winner of that that will claim the top of Group C and secure a ticket to the 2010 world cup.

Egyptian fans cheering for their teamEgyptian fans cheering for their teamThe stakes were high for both teams and despite a relatively slow tone, the game, undoubtedly, will go into history as one of the most memorable especially if Egypt manages to clinch a win on Wednesday.

And yes, Egypt had pulled another well deserved miracle once again.

Egypt is close to making world soccer history in CAF 2010

Congratulations to Egypt for dealing a heavy 4-0 blow to Algeria on Thursday in nothing less than a dramatic game and advancing into Africa Cup of Nations final.

The game saw three Algerian players sent off. Rafik Halliche brought down Emad Motaeb and the referee awarded a penalty. Halliche picked up his second yellow of the game and was sent early. Nader Belhadj and goalkeeper Fawzi Chaouchi were also red carded at different times during the game.

Egypt scored 4 clean goals orchestrated by Hosni Abd Rabou (penalty), Mohamed Zidan, Mohamed Abdelshafi and Mohamed Nagui.

At the end of the game, Egypt's assistant coach Chaouki Gharib said: "We've played against three World Cup qualifiers in our five matches here, we've beaten them all and scored ten goals against all of them."

The win today, puts Egypt on a course for a record-breaking third successive title, seventh all time title, and represents the 18th consecutive win in the African Cup of Nations tournament. No African country can come close to these statistics. If Egypt wins the tournament, it will be the first nation in the world and in history to take home three consecutive Nations Cup title. Ironically, this is also Egypt's first win over Algeria in the tournament ever.

Egypt had been eliminated from World Cup qualification by Algeria but today's victory was kind of a revenge to the loss handed by Algeria back in November.

On the other side of the bracket, The Black Stars of Ghana defeated Nigeria 1-0 behind a goal from Asamoah Gyan. This has put them into their first continental final in 18 years against Egypt on Sunday Jan 31st, 2010.

Soccer fans will certainly be watching the final game between Egypt and Ghana. Whoever wins, will be making history. We wish Egypt that place in history.