Aziz Sedki

Aziz Sedki (1920 – January 26, 2008) was an Egyptian politician and engineer. Sedki served as the Prime Minister of Egypt from January 17, 1972 until March 26, 1973. He was nicknamed the "father of Egyptian industry."

- Early life
Aziz Sedki was born in Cairo, Egypt, on July 1, 1920. He graduated with a degree in engineering from Cairo University in 1944. He went on to earn a doctorate in economic planning from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts

- Career
Sedki was appointed as a technical adviser to the Egyptian prime minister's office in 1955, a few years after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. He next served as a full time member of the services board until 1956.

In 1956, Sedki was appointed as Egypt's Minister of Industry by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Among Sedki's tasks as Minister was the supervision of an industrialization program, which was financed by the Soviet Union. The Soviets were, at the time, an important ally of the Egyptian government. Sedki launched a five-year industrialization plan in 1957. This initiative was later merged into a "general five-year development plan", which lasted from 1961 until 1965.

Sedki was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister for Industry and Mineral resources in 1964. Simultaneously, he also became the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in 1964 as well. In November 1970, Sedki was further elevated to Egypt's deputy prime minister for production and trade.

Sedki became Prime Minister of Egypt on January 17, 1972, following the resignation of Mahmoud Fawzi. He remained Prime Minister until March 26, 1973 when he was succeeded as Prime Minister by Anwar Sadat.

- Death
Aziz Sedki died at the age of 88 on January 25, 2008, at the Hospital Europeen Georges Pompidou in Paris, France.