Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi

Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi (Arabic: عبد الرحمن الأبنودى‎) (born 1938) is a popular Egyptian poet, and more recently a children's books writer. He is one of a generation of poets who wrote their work in the Egyptian dialect rather than in Classical Arabic, the standard literary language. This literary stance was associated with a militant political engagement: Abnudi and other writers of this school sought to make their literary production part of the process of development and movement towards popular democracy in Egypt. He was formerly the husband of short movie director Attiyat El Abnoudy, but, presently married to Nehal Kamal and is the father of two children, Nour and Aya.

Al-Mawt 'ala al-asfalt (الموت على الأسفلت, Death on the Asphalt) - named in the top 100 African books of the 20th century at the 2001 Zimbabwe International Book Fair.

Most famous poetry
- The allowed and prohibited
- Death on the asphalt
- Charged with forest cat
- Earth and the children
- Writing
- The silence of the bell

Songs for many singers
- Abdel Halim Hafez: Christ, Uday day, and I swear Basmaha Petrabha, your son Icolk you, hero, everything I say repent, Hoaia Love, El Habayeb bosom, and other songs of the most important.
- Mohamed Rushdie: under the trees, you and prestige, Adaweya, and others.
- Fayza Ahmed: Oh Hoaia Lima Lima.
- Najat: the eyes of the heart.
- Shadia: Oh Asmarany el loon.
- Sabah (singer) : hours hours.
- Warda Al-Jazairia: Friends of course.
- Majida El Roumi: from Beirut, Bhoaki Egypt
- Mohamed Mounir: chocolate, each remind me, it is not an innocent love, libra, windows, friendly night, Younis and dear