Emad Hamdy: classical guitarist

Rania Khallaf spent a wonderful night in the company of Egypt's sole classical guitarist and his fans

Although the guitar is purely a Western instrument, the number of guitar music lovers is on the rise in Egypt, and all guitar fans gather around one guitarist: Emad Hamdy. Not only is he Egypt's sole classical guitarist, Hamdy is renowned as one of the world's best. His love for his instrument is beyond imagination, and this is translated in his par-excellence performance and his unique relationship with his audience. Last week, Hamdy held a guitar concert at the Small Hall of the Opera House. The hall was almost full, with guitar music lovers from all walks and nationalities cramming the auditorium. The ambiance was intimate as he began the evening by exchanging a few words with his audience and outlining his carefully-tailored programme for the evening. "Guitar Forever", was the title for the occasion, which was mainly dedicated to Tango music. Although the music increased one's appetite to dance, Hamdy kept his classical posture on stage.

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