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Memory of Modern Egypt

Under the title of " Memory of Modern Egypt" and "Alexandria: an Italian Itinerary", the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, last month, launched a project and exhibition to unveil some new pages in the history of Egypt.
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Saad El Shazly

A Website dedicated to the Life and Times of General Saad El Shazly, Chief of Staff of The Egyptian Armed Forces, during The Arab Israeli War of 1973:

Saad El-Shazly:

الفريق سعد الدين الشاذلى

We are all Khaled Said

We are all Khaled Said
Against torture in Egypt and inhuman treatment of Egyptians in their own country

Energy and Economy Website

Energy and Economy (E&E) website provides information About Energy, Economy, and Environment. E&E also attempts to make accessible ample information on the status and opportuni&ies of related subjects, and give reference to relevant literature and events, apart from links to related websites.

The Egypt Exploration Society

The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) has been working in Egypt since 1882. EES aims to make all aspects of the culture of ancient and historic Egypt (to 1900 AD) better known to the public. EES fieldwork and research is undertaken in Egypt itself and the results of this work are made available through EES website, publications, and through events held in London and Cairo.

The Society is a registered UK charity and relies on subscriptions and donations to fund its work. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in ancient Egypt.

Cairo 360

Cairo 360 is an online guide to living in Cairo, Egypt. The site is aimed at Cairene’s and carries reviews and features of all the latest venues Cairo has to offer from restaurants and nightspots to art galleries and shopping. Cairo 360 also provides a comprehensive guide to events, and cinema listings, as well as ideas for travelling on weekends and a complete guide to home entertainment including DVD’s, music, and books.

Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies, in Cairo

Dominican Institute For Oriental Studies

The Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (IDEO) was established in 1953 as a center for Christian and Muslim dialogue where Western scholars interacted with Muslim scholars and teachers. Central to the institute are its library and journal, Mélanges de l'Institut Dominicain d'Études Orientales (MIDEO).

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BP 18 al-abbassiah
11381 Cairo

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Tel library: (+20 2) 24 83 43 69

Elbaradei for Presidency of Egypt 2011 Websites

King Farouk Website

King Farouk Website:

El Koshary Today

El Koshary Today

El Koshary Today is a satire online newspaper. Its philosophy is to use sarcasm and imagination to raise awareness of some of the serious (and not so serious) issues plaguing Egypt. It is not intended to relay any factual information or credible circumstances, though where possible readers will find news links to the actual issues being satirized.

El-Koshary Today, the nation’s first news satire website

El-Koshary Today, the nation’s first news satire website serves up heavy topics with a light-hearted approach
By Ethar El-Katatney

Inspired by the meal, three men have launched the nation’s first satirical news site, El Koshary Today (EKT), spoofing the country’s current events with fictitious news stories and advertisements. Writing in English under the pen names Makarona (pasta), Ward Zeyada (extra fried onions) and Subar Lox (referring to the standard size container for koshary), the trio of 25 year olds hopes that a humorous approach to serious topics will engage more people and perhaps spur change in the country.

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