Why Did We Update A Bridge To Egypt ?

You may be wondering, why did we update this site ? How different is this site than the dozens or hundreds of sites with information about Egypt out there ? Well the answer is simple, we wanted "A Bridge To Egypt" to be the best at serving YOU. We want this site to be one that grows by your contributions. We want this to be the cream of the crop when it comes to content about Egypt.

As you may not be aware, "A Bridge To Egypt" has its own legacy. It was one of the pioneering websites launched on the web in 1996 with dedicated content about Egypt. Over the years, we saw sites about Egypt that came and went away. Some sites have endured. We are proud to be one of those sites. Our entry in Web 2.0 has taken a while but now that the site is launched, its time to roll and its time for you to contribute.

All you have to do is to register by filling in a simple form. Registration will allow you to add content to the website like Blogs and Forum topics. Additionally, you will be able to post comments on our content and participate in the site polls. Within minutes from registering, you will be on your way to posting content and becoming part of one of the fastest online communities about Egypt.