Who will you be voting for in the US Presidential Election ?

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John McCain
38% (71 votes)
Barack Obama
59% (109 votes)
Ralph Nader
3% (6 votes)
Cynthia McKinney
0% (0 votes)
Bob Barr
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 186

Neglected Issues in the Presidental Campaign

The virtually complete absence from the presidential campaign of any issues pertaining to the executive power abuses of the last eight years -- illegal eavesdropping, torture, rendition, due-process-less detentions, the abolition of habeas corpus, extreme and unprecedented secrecy, general executive lawlessness -- reflects how much further work and effort will be required to make progress on these issues no matter what happens on Tuesday.

The better outcome on Tuesday (the defeat of John McCain) will likely ensure some very modest, marginal improvements in terms of the rule of law, executive power abuses and constitutional transgressions. But that outcome is merely necessary, not remotely sufficient; the election by itself will not produce fundamental changes in most of these areas. That's going to take much more than a single election, standing alone, can or will accomplish.

Thanks for the correction

Basem, you are correct. There are other candidates in this race and we have listed them here in the Poll.

Other presidential candidates not included in the poll?

The poll does not include other presidential candidates such as Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. I know that neither of them have any realistic chance of winning the presidency but both Ralph and Cynthia champion ideas not represented by the 2 main party candidates especially in terms of civil liberties (example Patriot Act), the enviroment, World Peace and even the Arab-Israeli conflict.