Should google news feeds be limited ONLY to the NEWS page within ABTE?

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  • Should google news feeds be limited ONLY to the NEWS page within ABTE?
6% (2 votes)
94% (30 votes)
Total votes: 32

What is ABTE ?

I was wondering what is ABTE ?

The news feed is a great feature

Having Google news feed only on the News page is not a good idea. I personally visit here to check out the entertainment section of the site. I want to be able to see the latest entertainment news from the entertainment page rather than having to hop everywhere on the site. I must admit that sometimes the news on the entertainment page may not be related to real entertainment events in Egypt, but that might an optimization problem with Google. I vote to keep news feeds on all pages.

Google news feed does not have Egypt entertaiment news

Lack of entertainment news about Egypt has nothing to do with google optimization but it has to do with the fact that there are almost no entertainemnt news about Egypt in google news feeds. You can not optimize something that does not exist. Google news feeds rely on news sources that care nothing about Egypt's entertainment and focus mostly on political news when it comes items related to Egypt. If there is an insistance from ABTE webmaster on entertainment news feeds then he should rely on sites that have Egypt entertainment news sections such as masrawy or moheet or bawaba.

Thank you for your suggestion

Dear Basem,

We have considered your request and have found that there are still a lot of Entertainment news from Google feeds with the selection of the right keywords. Red Orbit republishes articles from Al Bawaba and we have incorporated their feed. This should result in more relevant news articles.

I like to see news realted to each page

WHen I visit this site, I like the fact that each page of the main site categories has its own news feed. This is something unique to A Bridge To Egypt unlike other sites about Egypt. I vote for keeping these feeds. Even 31 other people agree with me.

moving news feeds to the bottom

Good decision to move the news feeds to the bottom in the non-news pages and focus on ABTE produced material.

Btw, wasn't there an ABTE produced video on Egypt?