I am going to live alone in 6th October city ?


I am going to live alone in 6th October city ? What could I expect ?


You will not be alone in 6th of October city. Its population is over 300,000, but they are spread over an area of about 10 kms by 10 kms, so that is why its population density is much less than Cairo.

6th of October City consists of 12 districts in addition to Motameyez district as well as several gated communities surrounding it. 1st & 7th district is where many non-Egyptians (mostly Arab students attending private universities as well as Iraqi Immigrants) are located however the majority of 6 October residents are Egyptian. 6th, 11th, and 12th districts are working class districts (many of the factories workers reside there), and these three districts are the most highly populated. 7th, 8th, and 10th districts contain 4 floor apartment complexes where middle class Egyptians (mostly professionals) live. Districts 1-5 are less populated as many of their villas and apartment buildings are empty. 9th district is the only district that is still "desert".

The city has several malls inside it and around it: for example: the 7th district has Diamond Mall, Shiekh Zayed has Hyper One (mall and hypermarket), Dandy Mall (contains Carrefour) is nearby on the Cairo-Alex Desert road. There is another Carrefour being built right now on the other side of town (near Dream Land)

There are several amusement parks such as Dreamland, and MagicLand, and Media Production City. Take a look at this slide show that has photo albums for 6 October city, Magic Land and Media production city.


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