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What are the Public Egyptian holidays ?


What are the Public Egyptian holidays ?


The Egyptian Public holidays where there is a national vacation for all Egyptians businesses, schools etc, can be classified as:

1) Global Holidays: New Year, Labor Day

2) Egyptian national Holidays: Sinai day, National Day, Armed Forces day

3) Religous Holidays (Islamic and Christian Coptic)

4) Historic Holiday (example Sham el Nesim holiday exists since Pharaonic times).
The Islamic Holidays follow the lunar year and so shift about 11 days every year
The following are the 2008 Egypt Public Holidays

1 January New Year's Day

7 January Coptic Christmas

10 January Islamic New year

20 March Prophet's Birthday

25 April Sinai Liberation Day

27 April Coptic Easter

28 April Sham El Nessim

1 May Labor Day

23 July Egyptian National Day

1-3 October Eid El Fitr

6 October Armed Forces Day

8-11 December Eid el Adha

What months are winter in Egypt?


What months are winter in Egypt?


In terms of temperature, Egypt has approximately 2 months of Winter (15 December - 15 February) because that is when it gets cold and you would need a sweater specially at night. Also be careful that there is a huge variation between day and night in that period especially in Luxor and Aswan.
Take a look at the following link on Egyptian weather and average temperatures (Max and Min) in several Egyptian cities.