What's ahead for Egypt after its army's 5th communiqué

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in Egypt today announced that the will disable the constitution and dissolving the People's assembly and Shura Council and the people. It also decided to run the country for six months or until elections are held for a new People's Assembly and Shura Council.

The council said in a statement broadcast on Egyptian television that it will form a committee to amend the Constitution with a referendum on constitutional amendments that are agreed upon.

This latest announcements show that the armed forces is handling the situation carefully by balancing the need of fulfilling the demands and aspirations of the people, while choosing its decisions carefully. It is clear the army since day one has been acting in the best interest of the country, however, the next few days will reveal more about its true intentions. The important step that Egyptians and the rest of the world will be watching is how much the transitional government lead by Ahmed Shafiq starts to involve independent Egyptian figures in the decision making process. The more individuals such as Mohamed ElBaradei and representatives from the Jan25 youth movement are ignored, the more Egyptians’ will become wary. Looking at the pace and depth of the decisions made so far by the Egyptian armed forces Supreme Council points to a move in the right direction.

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