Cairo University

Cairo University (Arabic: جامعة القاهرة‎, previously Egyptian University and later Fuʾād I University) is an institute of higher education located in Giza, Egypt. The university was founded on December 21, 1908, as the result of an effort to establish a national center for liberal thought. Several constituent colleges preceded the establishment of the university. For example, Muhammad Ali Pasha established the College of Engineering (كلية الهندسة) about 1816, which was shut down by Muhammad Said Pasha about 1854. Cairo University was founded as a European-inspired civil university, in contrast to the religious university of al-Azhar, and became the prime indigenous model for other state universities in the region. Cairo University includes a School of Law and a School of Medicine. The Medical School, also known as Kasr Alaini (القصر العيني, al-Qasr al-'Ayni), was one of the first medical schools in Africa and the Middle East. Its first building was donated by Alaini Pasha. Since then it has expanded tremendously.

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