October 6 University

The university is built on an area of more than 40 acres. Comprises different kinds of academic, administrative and social facilities that cater to and serve the 14 different faculties. O6U has, as well, an educational 320-bed hospital where the four faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy and Applied Medical Sciences are housed in addition to a 420-room hotel which serves as separate male and female dormitories. October 6th university is considered to be one of the first private universities in Egypt. Also one of the two universities that award a medical degree recognized by the ministry of Health and the Egyptian syndicate of physcians. Graduate students are allowed to pass their internship in AL KASR AL AINY HOSPITAL, as graduate from Cairo University. October 6th university has been accredited by the WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION).The university has established an accordance with the Medical school of the university of Limoges in France, as well as the Medical school of Texas university in America. This accordance include students exchange between these universities in order to enhance the educational level and culture of students.
Moreover, according to agreements between the O6U and the local factories the students are trained in the premises of the factories in this new industrial town during the academic year or the summer vacation.

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