White Desert: One of Egypt's best kept secrets

When you think of Egypt, it is likely that the sight of the Pyramids in Giza or the Nile streaming through Cairo are the first things that come to mind. Egypt, however, has so many other buried treasures and secrets such as the The White Desert.

The White Desert is located at the northern region of the Farafra Oasis. It is steadily growing as a main touristic attraction that draws several visitors to Egypt who wish to experience another enriching sight. The white desert has been classified by Egypt as a natural protected zone in 2002 and covers an area of 3010 square kilometers. To reach it, you will need to travel 570 km from Cairo.


The geology of the white desert is stunning. In the southern part, several layers of limestone cover the area and are known to contain fossils of invertebrates and pre historic shark teeth. Probably the most stunning view created by limestone are these columnar geological features that resemble enormous mushrooms, or like local Egyptians like to call them Desert Ice. These columnar features have been million of years in the making, thanks to blowing winds and sand storms.

The white desert area represents an open museum of geology, paleontology and natural history. Tourists not only enjoy the beauty of the geology, but experience a rare dose of clean fresh air. The area is also host to ancient tools, tombs, carvings and caves left over by the roman civilization. No wonder why they have been flocking to this area every year. If your travel plans will take you to Egypt in the near future, make sure you check Egypt's White desert. You will not regret it.


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