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We are excited to announce that A Bridge To Egypt is now available as a page and a group on Facebook, Now you can add us to your list of favorite groups or become a fan. You will be able get all the updates from there and participate in the broader web community.

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The Gaza Conflict - A perspective from the Arab World

The Amazing Zahi Hawass

If you think Indiana Jones is a fictitious character, think again. Zahi Hawass, Egypt's top archaeologists is a living and breathing manifestation of Indiana Jones. Time magazine named Hawass as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world and for a good reason. This video explains why.

Take Me Back To Cairo - The original music hit

Back in the good old days, Egypt's infamous pop singer Samir El Eskandarany released an album in the eighties that reportedly was an all time hit. What made the album unique was that it transformed some of Egypt oldies into the modern pop era.

White Desert: One of Egypt's best kept secrets

When you think of Egypt, it is likely that the sight of the Pyramids in Giza or the Nile streaming through Cairo are the first things that come to mind. Egypt, however, has so many other buried treasures and secrets such as the The White Desert.

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Why Did We Update A Bridge To Egypt ?

You may be wondering, why did we update this site ? How different is this site than the dozens or hundreds of sites with information about Egypt out there ?