About Us

A Bridge To Egypt is a site dedicated to providing information about Egypt. Our goal is not only to inform visitors about Egypt's rich culture and touristic attractions, but also to display aspects of contemporary Egypt including business opportunities, major educational institutions and provide updated sports and entertainment news.

We are a team of energized researchers who have been collecting and indexing all web-based information related to Egypt throughout the years. In fact, A Bridge To Egypt was one of the first websites that provided a comprehensive index about Egypt on the world wide web since 1996.

The site has been recently updated to include sections for visitors to voice their opinion about any topics related to Egypt. These include a free and open Blog section and a forums section. We welcome independent and freelance writers to submit their articles. For more information please refer to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy sections for more information.



A Bridge To Egypt is launched

A Bridge To Egypt was first launched on August, 1996.


Al-Ahram Newspaper Feature

A Bridge To Egypt was featured in Al-Ahram newspaper back in 1998. The following article, written in Arabic, is snap shot from the feature.


A Bridge To Egypt undergoes major modification

In 2007, A Bridge To Egypt underwent a major redesign to transform the site from its 1996-era Web 1.0 layout to an fully enhanced Web 2.0 format. This is a snapshot of the home page prior to the recent site redesign.